NEW BLOGGER Tips & Tricks - 2

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Here is the NEW BLOGGER Tips & Tricks - 2 for u.
After posting contents we r curious to get Indexed , getting good Backlinks & Page Rank but the problem is that what does Indexing , PageRank , Backlinks means...?

Let's start with Tips & tricks for INDEXING to get indexed soon...

Indexing means for search engines. For eg - is mine URL if u search for it u will get My BLOGGER Profile & all indexed posts.If u don't get means my site is not Indexed. Plzz.. Try out this using your URL bcos My site get indexed in 1day only!

There r lots of Search engines available but the main search engines r GOOGLE , YAHOO & MSN . These r the Top 3 search engines which share about 75% of all search engine Queries with google ranking high Approx. 50%.

If u type NEW BLOGGER Tips & Tricks in google search... it will search all pages it has indexed from all the sites to give u a best 10 sites related to your query.
google searches most relevant sites for u based on some criteria...but we know only some of them . No need to Worry we will use all of them to get good PageRank(PR).

Criteria includes...

  • PAGE CONTENT i had already talked u about this in detail in NEW BLOGGER Tips & Tricks .
  • AGE of SITE how older is your site really means...Bcos Google gives Preference to Older sites rather than a new site.This done to Stop all SPAM Sites & Blogs that are created daily from dominating its index.
  • KEYWORDS or POST TITLE it has a great influence...if i type "AIRCRAFT" in google search it will give me a list of sites that r related to AIRCRAFT . Google search is based on KEYWORDS if your site orBlog is about AIRCRAFT & you used this keyword many times in your Post then Google will think that site 0r Blog is about AIRCRAFT & it will list your site or Blog.We had already discuss this in NEW BLOGGER Tips & Tricks .
  • UNIQUE CONTENT VOLUME your content must b unique.The sites listed in google search only 1% is contain unique content.Know more about it in NEW BLOGGER Tips & Tricks .
  • PAGERANK(PR) & BLACKLINKS more or less connected to each other.To separate Oil & Water Google is using PR system to know how important your Pages are?If u had followed NEW BLOGGER * Tips & Tricks * i suggested u to make ur Blog & search for its pages.If u had done so u were find that either ur blog is not indexed or if indexed pages ranks several 100s of Rank.If not done Yet it! it will make u to do more work to get good PR.If ur site rank 6-7 most of the people will not visit u.As people doesnt come down below 3-4 site.So u should get top 3 rank it will help u to make more money. Ideally you want to be on the first page to get the most traffic. To get on the first page you need, above all else, page rank and back links. Only the sites that Google deems as important get on the first page. Every site is Ranked b/w 0 to 10. Higher the Rank More Important is your site! If your site is ranked as 10 then definately it will b achieving RANK 1 soon. The age of ur site & content will improve your Ranking overtime.If your Post r unique then ur site will reach upto rank 2 within a year.A ranking of 2 will not get you much traffic. How can you speed up your ranking? Simple... get back links and get lots of them.
  • BACKLINKS it meaning is almost clear from keywords itself. Backlinks means LINK placed on other websites or blogs or forums or directories that connect people to your site.
    These r clickable links that points back to ur site.Simply, More sites that have links pointing back at your site the more important your site must be.If other sites are sending traffic to your site then you must be some kind of authority for your topic. As a result Google will set your site Rank High because of your importance.But there r some rules of Backlinks. The Backlinks Counted must b relevant to ur topic. For eg : "AIRCRAFT" then links from aircraft manufacturing site,Defence site,...r best.If this has backlink from my site then google doesn't count it Bcoz my site is Not Related with Topic "AIRCRAFT".If this "AIRCRAFT"site is yours & u get 100s of Links from AIRCRAFT store sites but all the incoming links are from sites with o page rank then you might get a ranking of 1 or 2. If u get many links from relevant sites that have a page ranks of 5 or higher then you will end up being ranked a 4 or 5. If you can get a link from a page rank 7 or higher you will vault up the rankings quickly and the age of your site will not matter.
NOTE : If Google catches you linking to sites that are not relevant to your site you will be penalized and lose ranking.
  • LINKS You will gain more from one way links. Lots of sites that are relevant to your site will trade links with you. They link to you and you link to them. This is called a two way link. One way links are the best because Google sees them as a confirmation of your importance, ie. other sites think you important enough to give you a link without getting one in return.
    I Hope u have understood the Meaning of This Terms which will let u to make ur site more important & enjoy Reading NEW BLOGGER Tips & Tricks - 2

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