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IT organistion have been caught b/w a rock & a hard place. Charged with protecting their companys information , IT organisations have established aggressive service level agreements(SLAs) that impact the manner in which they implement data protection by setting Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) & Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Organiation struggle with shrinking or non-existent backup windows,the need to recover quickly,often to a specific point in time & even meeting compliance or regulatory guidelines. Backing up to tape is no longer adequate. Not only is it difficult to administer for backups & recoveries, but it lacks the speed, reliability, flexibility & simpility IT needs to meet strict SLAs. Backing up to disk using virtual tape emulation or virtual tape libaries also falls short as the administration of the solution is tape centric & schedule driven. Add in the explosion of data ,along with the challenge of protecting remote offices & you have the challenge facing many of todays business with IT sitting on the front lines of alingning business needs with todays technology.

As a result , a growing no. of IT organisation are augmenting their traditional backup & recory strategies with continous Data protection (CDP) Solution . CDP dramatically improves RPOs & RTOs while eliminating backup windows. Whats more , CDP not only reduces the need for tape in the backup & recovery process but it also makes recovery easy enough that users can often recoveries their own files,without help from IT.

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