What is PHP ?

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What is PHP ?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor & is a sever-side scripting language. It means that the script is run on web browser & not on Users browser. Therefore there is no need to worry about compatibility issuses. PHP is comparatively New Language unlike perl (CGI & JAVA). PHP is becoming one of the most popular scripting language on the internet.

Why Learn PHP ?

There might have arised a question in your mind,why to learn PHP when there are other languages such as Perl? Why should we learn a scripiting language at all? Learning a scripiting language can open up many new possibilites for your website. You might have observed that pre-made scripts downloaded from sites often contain advertising for the author or will not do what exactly we want it to do. But if you have the knowledge of scripting language you can edit to make it work as you wish or can easily create your own script.

A script in your web site allows to add many interactive features like message boards, guestbook, feedback forms, counters, content management, advertising managers,portal system & many other features. When all these features are found in your website it gives a professional image toyour website. Since weknow that PHP is a server side scripting language,there is no need for your usersto install new software,ur web host will need to have PHP setup on their server. If ur server dont support PHP u can ask web host to install it as it is free to download.

Syntax for PHP

Writing PHP on ur computer is very simple except text editor (like Notepad in Windows) U dont need any special software & u are ready to write ur first PHP script.

General Syntax for PHP

PHP scripts should always b enclosed in b/w 2 PHP tags. This tells the server to parse all the information b/w them as PHP code. The 3 different ways for this r as follow :

Here is a PHP Code

Here is a PHP Code

PHP is one of the imp. language, today,U need it .I Hope u understand What is PHP ?

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