iPHONE 3G replaced by 3G S

Monday, June 22, 2009 |

iPhone 3G cell phone is replaced by 3G S
The new version of iPHONE 3G S is in the Market. According to the Apple 3G S is featured with a better camera, a faster performance.
Now, the new smartphone 3G S is available for sale U, can buy it from any Apple stores around the world and official distributors. The same as when the previous version was released (the iPhone 3G).First Response was a good one , when people in NEW YORK inspite of Rain wait in long que for their Turn.
In iPHONE 3G S a great improvement in Speed in seen. Thats why it is called iPHONE 3G S in which "S" stands for "SPEED".Report says that iPHONE 3G S is about 2 times Faster & Efficient than iPHONE 3G.Making it More interactive with Users.

image credits: apple.com

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