Google Chrome OS Screenshots

Saturday, September 12, 2009 |

The Most awaited Google Chrome OS , its Possible ScreenShots has been Leaked.
The anonymous uploader Post the pics of possible Screenshots of Google Chrome OS.The anonymous uploader Also Observed some Features of Google Chrome OS...

  1. The installation Process of the GCOS on a machine running Windows Vista took just 10 minutes.
  2. Reboot from desktop to desktop took just 25 seconds.
  3. There’s a dock-like bar at the bottom, dubbed the ‘Chrome Bar’, which has a little blue orb – much like the orb at the centre of the Chrome icon. Clicking on it opens up a program folder, similar to the Start menu in Windows.
  4. The Chrome Bar could eventually be made to autohide and pop-up with a special hardware button or panel, much like the little bar that comes on the Palm Pre.
  5. A clock sits in the bar, which seems to double up as an indicator for Internet connections.
  6. The Chrome Bar could eventually be integrated with the status bar, or could have a search bar built into it.
  7. Two navigation modes – ‘exploration’ and ‘browser’. ‘Exploration’ lets you navigate through the local hard disk using a Explorer-like interface. ‘Browser’ brings up Google Chrome for your online needs.

ScreenShots of Google Chrome OS...

Source : Thinkdigit

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