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Wednesday, October 14, 2009 |

Looking for new box-office hit, latest music tracks or a huge applications & tried of copying data from friends computer using portable drives. Its high time you need a peer-to-peer file-sharing client where you can just sit on your notebook, open friends PC & start downloading. I are talking about DC++ Which is free & open source application that connects to Direct Connect Network i.e it can inter-connect different MANs. Its very easy to use & provides various handy features over traditional Windows Network file sharing. It builds a huge database by indexing each & every file thereby you can search for a file with specified characteristics or even look for mirrors if a user(from where you are downloading) goes offline. You can even monitor the connections with your computer,increase or decrease slots or even block user. It has private messaging features or one can globally chat in a Hub Room. Some very initial steps after installation of the application is to set your unique Nickname & share atleast minimum GBs of data specified by the Hub you want to join. Connect to the hub using its IP address. One of popular Hub i known is eternal_glory, IP :

Enjoy Over Tera Bytes of Data, Happy Sharing !!!

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