Orkut infected with Bom Sabado worm‎ - Virus Hit 5 million orkut user profiles

Saturday, September 25, 2010 |

Bom Sabado! This name reminds me of my next door kid who keeps on yelling those “Power Rangers” chants! But it’s not! And this “Bom Sabado” is shaking the entire Orkut from past few hours.
Bom Sabado means “A Good Saturday” in Portuguese language (thanks to Google translation feature). But it’s surely a bad Saturday for many Google’s Orkut users, as this Bom Sabado virus compromised thousands of accounts in India and in Brazil as well.

Please do not Open your ORKUT account for the next 72 hours till further updates from the Google team.

What is Bom Sabado all about?

It’s just the name of the new worm which is eating up the Orkut accounts. If you are a fulltime Orkut user, you are well aware of those virus infections. This is just another Orkut virus, but it’s biggest and you don’t need to click any links to get hacked!

Bom Sabado Orkut virus infected profiles are automatically posting virus scraps on to the other’s scrapbooks. A near watching of Bom Sabado scrap in your scrapbook or in your friends’ scrapbooks is more than enough to get your account hacked.

Gone are the days where you have to click on a link to get hacked! This time the hackers used the XSS technology to target one of world’s popular social networking platform Orkut.

The best way to keep your accounts safe is not logging onto the Orkut for some time. Orkut didn’t responded on this issue, but I am pretty sure they would have started working on it to fix the issues.
If you find your account hacked, don’t get panic. Revert back to the old Orkut layout, unjoin from the Brazilian communites, and change your password.

If you can’t access Orkut, simply cleanup the cookies and the temporary internet files from the PC, and try to login.


 If you are amongst the few who still give a damn about Orkut, you might have noticed something fishy going on over the past few hours. A large number of users are randomly flooding their friend’s scrapbooks (Orkut’s equivalent of Facebook Wall) with the following message:
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the “Bom Sabado!” messages are automatically generated by a script. However, it is not clear if this is simply a script exploiting vulnerability in Orkut, or have the accounts sending the automated scraps been compromised.

If you are amongst those affected, it’s highly recommended that you follow the steps highlighted below:

Switch to the “older version” of Orkut.
Log out of Orkut.
Clean your browser’s cache and cookies.
Log in and change your password and security question.
If you haven’t been affected yet, it is strongly advised that you avoid Orkut until the issue has been resolved. I managed to trigger the same exploit while researching this article. Recently other high profile websites like Twitter and YouTube also fell victim to XSS attacks.

This is a latest News on Virus Attack. The Full Story is still to come, so stay tuned to Kamlesh Inside

Latest Update -

1. The worm appears to have originated in Brazil, where Orkut is still exceptionally popular. Many of the affected users are noticing the Brazilian flag on their status messages. Additionally, the word ‘Bom Sabado’ means ‘Good Saturday’ in Portuguese, which is the official language of Brazil. We are still awaiting an official response from Google.

2. ‘Bom Sabado’ is now trending on Google

Bug  Status :
Problem is Under Control, Bug Not Fixed  (Keep Visit to know the status)

Please do not Open your ORKUT account for the next 72 hours till further updates from the Google team.

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