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Tuesday, May 24, 2011 |

According to the rumors spreading all around the web is that Microsoft is looking forward to acquire Mobile division of Nokia. Yes Microsoft Nokia Deal, Just three months before Microsoft had announced the partnership with Nokia and now they are about to acquire the whole division. Then whats the main deal to announce the partnership. Just a week before Microsoft acquired skype for $8.5 bn. Then what does this deal before 3 months mean? Is Microsoft planning to acquire the entire web or they are having something supersonic plan with having Skype and Nokia. Whatever it is but sounds feels like they are about to going great.

If the deal turns true,the mobile mar­ket of Nokia and web mar­ket of Skype are in hands of Microsoft, then they will soon impact with their ser­vices in the whole world !..

The source of these reports is Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin. Murtazin focuses mostly on phones and has a pretty decent track record. Though he doesn’t know the finer details, Murtazin claims both parties are in a hurry and that the deal could close before the end of this year.

And speaking of time-specific predictions, Murtazin has also said that Elop would resign from Nokia at the end of next year.
via : Brothersoft

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