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Chance to Become Microsoft Student Partner ( MSP )

Being MSP! I will also recommend you to join this fabulous program run by Microsoft to enhance Students Knowledge, Give them number of Opportunities, etc I am really benefited with this program, You can also apply for Microsoft Student Partner ( MSP ) 2013 Selection Process. Here are full details -

Program Overview - The Microsoft Student Partner Program recognizes top young minds from around the world that are passionate about technology. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop real-world skills to help you succeed in your future career, to help others learn about the technology of today and tomorrow, and to connect with other like-minded students, all whilst having a ton of fun along the way. The tenure is for 1 academic year and can be renewed by the MSP India Team if the MSP has acceptable performance and continues to meet the eligibility criteria.
What is a Microsoft Student Partner(msp)? - The ‘ideal candidate’ would be a passionate and enthusiast individual who wants to learn about new tools and technologies. You would need to have a whole range of skills including excellent time management, organization and communication skills to ensure that you could host successful campus events. An MSP should be comfortable and confident presenting in front of large audiences of both students and faculty members. General marketing skills come in very handy in order to allow you to articulate your ideas effectively when presenting. MSPs are social, friendly and approachable individuals who like to meet new people. You will require the ability work as a team as well as use your own initiative. In summary, MSPs are innovative and creative students who are extremely passionate about technology and who like to help others. 
MSP India Program
2012-2013 Academic Year Selection Process

  • The MSP selection process for 2012-2013 in India has started. If you wish to apply for the MSP program in India, please do not submit applications to other countries- those applications will not be considered.

Disclaimer: This is a voluntary program for students and does not involve any fees. It is neither a course nor an internship.
Following are the details of the selection process. Please go through these carefully.
Candidates will have to participate in each of the following 3 rounds to qualify as a Microsoft Student Partner. Candidates will receive points for each activity. A candidate will be selected as an MSP based on points received & number of currently active MSPs in his/her college.
Initial Round: Registration
Every candidate needs to fill the registration form giving complete and accurate information.
If you have not registered, your submissions for subsequent rounds will not be considered.
Please ensure that you submit a valid email address as important instructions will be sent to this email. Make sure you enter the same email address in all subsequent rounds of the MSP selection procedure.
Click here to register.
Last date for registration: 26 August 2012
Round 1: Video Submission - 100 points
You have to create a video of 2-3 minutes (minimum 2 minutes, maximum 3 minutes) covering the following points:
A. Why you would like to become a Microoft Student Partner?
B. Your skills that will make you a great MSP
C. Pick any one of the following Microsoft technology/platform (Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Internet Explorer 9/10) and tell us why you are excited about it.
The video has to be submitted on YouTube and should be made public.
Make sure that you are facing the camera while speaking and that you are not reading from any book/presentation/computer. We want to see you speak!
You then need to fill the form on the URL mentioned below and submit the correct video URL along with other details.
Points will be given on the basis of video submission, quality and number of views.
You should also try and get your peers to view the video. Getting a higher number of views will fetch you more points.
Click here to submit the video URL.
Last date for submission of video: 26 August 2012
Round 2: App Development -
50 points per Windows Phone app
100 points per Windows 8 app
Develop a Windows Phone app and/or a Windows 8 app.
You will get points only if your Windows Phone app is published on the Marketplace, or only if the Windows 8 app clears the App Excellence Lab.
Apps published only after 23 July 2012 will be considered.
Details of Windows 8 app submission for the App Excellence Lab will be posted shortly.
Following Windows Phone apps will not be considered:
·        Calculators (simple calculator, scientific calculator, love calculator, BMI calculator, etc.)
·        RSS Readers
·        Apps made using AppMakr
·        Converters (volume converter, area converter, temperature converter, etc.)
Getting started:
Visit for learning resources on Windows Phone application development.
Visit for resources on Windows application development.
To enable you to create a free account on AppHub for Windows Phone app submission, a DreamSpark access key will be emailed to you (on the email address provided by you at the time of registration) after 26 August 2012. This will also contain instructions for activating the DreamSpark key.
App submission details will be posted here in the last week of August 2012.
Last date for submitting app: 26 September 2012
Round 3: Participation in Imagine Cup 2013 Quizzes - 50 points
More details coming soon…
A. You should try and score as many points as you can since that will increase the chances of your getting selected as an MSP.
B. All information needs to be entered correctly and completely at all times. Duplicate registrations will not be allowed.
C. Any candidate with 50 points or lower will be automatically rejected.
D. For any queries not addresses here, please write to

Eligibility: To consider applying for the MSP Program, you must be:
  • * Over 17 years of age. 
  • * Currently studying a full-time Science, Technology, Engineering, Math or Design (STEMD) course at an officially recognized University/College in India.
  • * Bachelor's/Master's Degree student who will complete the course during or after May 2013.
Competencies: A good MSP is one who has the following basic qualities:
  • * Technical competencies
  • * Passionate about software
  • * Quick learner
  • * Respected by peers
Community-building competencies:
  • * Enthusiastic about technology
  • * High level of social activity, both online & offline
  • * Can organize college and city-level events
Fundamental competencies:
  • * Passionate about Microsoft technologies
  • * Confident & outgoing
  • * Good rapport with faculty
  • * Willing to share knowledge & eager to uplift self and peers
Responsibilities: If you get selected as an MSP, here's an indication of some of your short term goals:
  • * Learn & implement emerging technologies like Windows 8 apps and Windows Phone apps.
  • * Conduct at least 1 technical session per month in your college.
  • * Participate and drive entries for Imagine Cup.
If you get selected as an MSP, here's an indication of some of your long term goals:
  • * Publish high quality apps into the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Marketplace.
  • * Organize city-level events by collaborating with other MSPs and the local Microsoft User Group.
  • * Mentor other MSPs.

Benefits: As an MSP, a host of benefits are available:
  • * Welcome letter
  • MSDN subscription after successful completion of probation period
  • * Rewards & Recognition for top performers
  • * Networking opportunities
  • * Technical training & resources
  • * Specific Microsoft events
  • * Interactions with MVPs & Microsoft Employees
  • * Internship & Recruitment announcements for high performers

Contact Us:

  • * For queries regarding the MSP Selection process in India, post these on
  • If you wish to apply for the MSP program in India, please do not submit applications to other countries- those applications will not be considered.
  • * For other questions regarding the MSP India program, email

To consider applying for the MSP Program, you must be over 17 years of age and be be studying a full-time course at an officially recognized University/College. 
You can visit the Microsoft Students Partner website, select you country from the drop-down menu and get the required information. 
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