How To Make Computer Run Faster

Monday, August 31, 2009 |

Is your Computer Running Slow ? Atleast once in life all of us face this problem when we become irritated as our computer is not running fast Then we think how to make computer run faster.....

Here r some easy & effective Tips which will make your computer run faster within few Seconds...

* Keep your Recycle Bin Empty.

* Go to C:/windows/Temp, windows folder in C drive --->Temp Folder then delete all files in  Temp  Folder.

* Go to Control panel ---> Internet Options ---> Browsing History ---> Delete Temporary Internet Files.

* Whenever we Install any Program it put its Quick Launch Icon in Taskbar. They keep on running in   background which make computer run slow.

  Go to Start ---> Run ---> type msconfig ---> Startup. Disable all that services which u dont want &  then restart ur computer.

* Go to Control Panel ---> Add/Remove Programs. Find out which programs r no longer used. Select
      that program & Click on Remove button.

* Now check for Virus & spyware for this i will suggest u to use QuickHeal or AVG free Antivirus or Kaspersky Antivirus.

* Computer also become Slow because it get confused between damaged, corrupt, unwanted and
      redundant files so Clean it &  make your computer run faster through Regcure or RegAce.

* Go to My Computer ---> right click on C drive ---> click on Properties ---> do Error checking & after restarting Defargmentation.

These r some Key Points by following this u can make your Computer Run Faster....

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