How To Use Vista Inspirat 2 Theme Without Installing It

Monday, August 31, 2009 |

I found many of my friends Using Windows XP Want to Change their Windows XP Appearance to Windows Vista Appearance for that they Use Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2.

Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 provide Apperance as Vista with 4 color schemes , Rocket Dock , Vista Wallpaper , Sound & many more features...

To Experience Vista People Install Vista Inspirat 2 which gives Amazing Look to Their PC  it Saves as Bricopacks which takes space upto 256MB in Windows folder & Program Files.But it really Slow Downs their Computer & after sometime people get irritate finally they have to Uninstall it.

Trick : How To Use Vista Inspirat2 Theme Without Installing It

I found a new Trick which Will Let You to Exprience Vista Inspirat 2 Theme without Installing It & you Can Save Space upto 127MB by this trick.

* First Download Vista Inspirat 2 & Install it....after that Restart your Computer.
You will find that it starts in Vista Look....

* Now Uninstall Vista Inspirat 2....while Restoring Files it will ask u...
 Do you want to return to your pervious appearance of Windows XP ?
 Click on NO Button & then Restart your computer.

Now Experience Vista Theme without installing Vista Inspirat 2 ...

Reason : Sys Files Remains in computer which give Vista Theme.Try this Trick !!!

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