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Friday, April 30, 2010 |

After Integrating with Microsoft Facebook is taking its DOCS services & with it is also going to add some more user friendly Features. It is going to add one more interesting feature through which you will come to know  " What your friends are reading Online ? ".

Facebook is connected with Microsoft Office Suite & it is named as DOCS. After this wonderful Step Facebook users can easily use Microsoft word, Microsoft Powerpoint ,Microsoft Excel documents online.To Connect Microsoft Office Suite & Facebook FUSE(Future Social Experience) LAB & Microsoft Office 2010 Web application suite is used. Its means now we can see different types of documents directly on Facebook & for this facebook users will not have to open it separately.

The tie up of Microsoft & facebook is only to move ahead of google.
However,this feature will surely get a great success but in future there may be clash between microsoft & facebook.What will happen in future only god knows but
400 million users of microsoft & faceebook will definitely get benefited.

Where they are? & How they are?

To become & remain No.1 facebook is completely paying attention towards Location Services. Soon this facilities will be provided to facebook users. Location Service is that feature through which you will come know about the Current location of your Online friends.Till now we only know about Online Friends but Location Service will tell us where they are ? & what they are doing ?

What they are Reading?

Facebook is also connecting a button with Like Button through which we will come to know about recently read things by friends.If you also want to read that articles or books it will appear in form of Link.In order to make Social Sharing tool more strong Facebook has redesigned it.

Really Facebook Face changing !! Lots of more features to come...

What Do you Think about Docs & Location Service ???

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