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Hi geeks addicted to Online Games? Now a days Most of the people are found on Facebook playing Games. For them i have listed Top 10 Games You Can Play on Facebook

Its not just Social network that people are addicted too, now its social gaming too. People are more addicted to these gaming than ever before. With new and new games making their way in the richest platform Facebook, we tried to figure out which are the top 10 or 10 Best game in the facebook that you can play when you are bored, well some people (including me) even open facebook to play Games only. (addiction like never before)
Take a look at our 10 top picks for getting your Facebook game on.

Top 10 Facebook Games


10.Tower Bloxx (176,805 fans)

About: Reach for the skies in this wacky skyscraper construction game. In Tower Bloxx Deluxe, your job is to make sure the new homes for the Tower Toons are built.. The Tower Toonsare funny little people who move in and turn on the lights before they even have a roof.
Tower Bloxx Deluxe 2 Bored at Facebook   Play Top 10 Games
As a renowned tower builder, you’ll use funky physics to rebuild cities like Sycamore Vale. Align building blocks that swing precariously from the crane in this dynamic Puzzle game, Tower Bloxx Deluxe.


9. Restaurant City (3,829,373 fans)

About: Cook up a storm in Restaurant City! Have you ever wondered what it might be like to start your own restaurant or cafe? How about we add a pinch of competition, say, a street full of restaurants run by your friends, allow you to create your own menu of amazing dishes, and top it off with a large dollop of fun? Sounds pretty tasty huh?
cooking playnow Bored at Facebook   Play Top 10 Games
Restaurant City lets you run your very own restaurant, cafe, or any eatery of your liking. Employ your friends to work for you as waiters, chefs, and even have them clean your place! With a wealth of different decorations, furniture and equipment to choose from you can really make your mark with a completely unique restaurant or cozy cafe. You can visit your friends’ restaurants too and even trade ingredients with them to help you create a menu which ensures your culinary creation is the talk of the town! Play now and let’s get cooking!


8. KickMania (51,222 fans)

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About: Kick people as far as possible. If you kick them the farthest, you’ll own their ass and they’ll be notified how far you’ve kicked them. Each kick costs $100.If you found this game interesting than you may like to see this game too Threw Mummy.


7. Know It All ( 113,515 fans)

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About: Simple test game that will test your knowledge in different areas like spots, science, geography and others. You can challenge your friends to see which one of you is smarter.


6. Pet Society (4,687,418 fans)

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About: Create and raise a happy pet in Pet Society! Play games, decorate your house and bring gifts to your friends’ pets when you visit them. Raise your pet and enjoy many activities together – racing, fishing, gardening, and cooking! Make your pet happy by earning coins to shop and buy stylish clothing and cool furniture. In the world of Pet Society, it’s non stop fun for you and your pet!


5. Fish Ville (4,359,609 fans)

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About: An addictive game where you raise cute baby fish, feed them as they grow, and decorate your fish tanks with friends!


4. YoVille (3,262,579 fans)

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About: YoVille(tm) is a Virtual World that allows users to create personal avatars that live in custom decorated homes. YoVillians, can chat, play mini-games, attend live events, and interact with real friends leaving them messages and gifts. When users are not online, their friends can come and visit their apartments and join their crew to help them make more money while they work. After work, YoVillians can head into town to shop to buy new furniture, clothes, and even buy pets!


3. Mafia Wars (1,547,653 fans)

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About: Start a Mafia family with your friends, run a criminal empire and fight to be the most powerful family.


2. Farm Town (1,994,598 fans)

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About: Design, grow and maintain your farm and even send gifts to your friends. Play now and share the fun with everyone!


1. Word Challenge (215,859 fans)

word playnow Bored at Facebook   Play Top 10 Games
About: In Word Challenge you are given 6 letters, the objective is to create 3-6 letter words from the letters provided as fast as you can. There are 40,000 to find in this fast and rewarding word game! You can go into a head to head battle of words with one of your friends in the ‘Challenge Mode’. Can you come out on top?

0. Best Game Of Facebook – FarmVille
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With 11,309,560 fans FarmVille tops all the Games in Facebook. FarmVille is a real-time farm simulation game developed by Zynga, available as an application on the social networking website Facebook. The game allows members of Facebook to manage a virtual farm by planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops, trees, and livestock. Since its launch in June 2009, FarmVille has become the most popular game application on Facebook with millions of active users. FarmVille started as a duplicate of the popular Farm Town on Facebook

Do you think we have missed some games that must be their in this list? which game you like the most?

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