100th Post: My Blogging Journey

Saturday, October 2, 2010 |

Today in the evening, i login into my Blogger dashboard.I found that i am going to write my 100th post.I was very excited !! I click on the New Post button & started thinking the Title... After thinking i picked up 3 titles & ask my friends on facebook to choose the good catchy one.They were happy too & giving me compliments.

While they were giving their opinions,i just went to my Edit Posts page to see my journey from 0 to 99 posts,i was shocked ! there was an unpublished (Draft) Post which means i have to write one more post as that will be my 99th post.Now i was Unhappy & sad. Because now i have to think for my new post but soon i got my new post i.e. my 99th post NFS Hot pursuit.

After that, Once again i came back to selection of  title for my 100th Post.Most of my friends like-

          *** 100th Post: My Blogging Journey ***

So Tonight I’m writing my 100th blog post on kamleshinside.blogspot.com. Back when I began this blog in May 2009. My First Post was About Me. This was my first post Not my first Blog! As before kamleshinside.blogspot.com i had opened many other blogs with many Email IDs.I also found that this is the 12th month of my blogging which resembles that i have completed my 100th post in one year.

Why i became Blogger ?

I was highly inspired from my brother Ritesh Kawadkar who blogs at askritesh at that time.He is a Tech blogger.One day he showed his blog,Visitor stats,Comments,etc. I was Highly Impressed Name,Fame & ofcourse blog.He also told me about the Google Adsense. At the very same time i decided to open my Tech blog to make money online.After posting 5 posts i applied for google adsense. Google replies that "your site must be 6 months old". Then i came to know more about google adsense as i searched most of the thing about it.

So Why i became Blogger ? answer is simple just for Name,Fame & Money.


SEO, Copyright policy, was unknown for me.So i steal posts/contents especially of my brother blogs. (but i deleted all those posts after getting known about it.)

After some days i decided to open another blog as i didn't got the success on my first blog, so i made 1 more Email ID & so the blog. Through each blog i applied for google adsense.This process continues till i saw the create a blog option on right hand side in blogger Dashboard, which means we can start many blogs under one email id.

Finally i made another email id & start blogging.Here comes the another problem i.e. blog url, i was thinking,finding, then sunddenly my eyes stick to CPU & i got my Blog url "KamleshInside" (nonsense!) i have modified "Intel Inside".

This hilarious blog url makes me sad, but now i cannot change it.However the SEO gives me some relief.

I was not updating my blog regularly.Leave regularity, i am updating my blog after 3 months.as a result i lose my loyal visitors.

Mistakes i made- Many blogs, Bad blog url, No knowledge of SEO, Stealing Contents, Running behind money.,etc

Google Adsense

As i have told you above that from each blog i applied for google adsense. As a result my adsense account was approved on my first blog but soon it was disabled because i have applied for it again from another blog with another email id.This keeps on going as it is against google adsense policy & i keep on opening blogs with different email id.About this i come to know when i was login in my some old blogs & email accounts.

However, finally my adsense was approved in April 2010 & i earned more than 170$ just in 4 months.

But here also problem comes as always, No this time i have not made any mistake, it is the PIN code Verification letter send by google to verify the adsense account. Today it is almost 5 months but still i am waiting for letter. If it doesnt come within 1 month, i will lose my hard earned money :(
Hope i will receive it soon...

Adsense- Dont run behind money! it is not easy to make money, it requires lots of hardwork in every field.

My Blogs

1.MP PET Online counseling- a counseling blog

I remained active on skool to college. It has taught me a lot about SEO, Google Adsense, Popularity, effects of Social bookmarking,etc. All above it, it has solved my purpose of becoming blogger i.e. Name , Fame & Money!. Now i am thinking of opening a counseling website.

2.Kamlesh Inside- a tech blog!

Before posting my first post How To Make Computer Run Faster on kamleshinside.blogspot.com, i have a little knowledge about SEO, Making Money Online, Blogging, etc as i learned it from my mistakes!

Today i am writing my 100th post & i can say that now i am almost Expert in SEO,Google Adsense,Blogging,Blogger Templates,Tips n Tricks,....etc.

The thing i most like is Blogger Template Designing, soon i will start that tag.I was thinking of opening a tech website, but after looking at the Tech Blogs scenario i have postponed it.

However, i am going make kamleshinside a nice tech blog. I will be writing on SEO, Google Adsense, Blogger Templates, Blogger Tools,etc in the coming months.

As it is more than 3hrs. i am continuously writing my 100th post.Now i will say -

Thanks to

1. My elder brother who inspire, guide, motivate & support me.

2. My parents who are paying electricity, Net connection Bills. They never allows me to blog, as they hate computers. But then also i am blogging.

3. My brother vaibhav kawadkar who helps me in blogging.

4. My Friends Ankita gour & Anubha Saxena who helped me a lot.

Moral of the Story

You are going to tell me the Moral of the story! yes, you what message do you get from this post by author Kamlesh Kawadkar.Please comment & share your views...

Now it takes more than 1hr to edit it, i have deleted many parts. I will convert it into form of Tips n Tricks.Soon i will give Tips on it. So stay Tuned to KamleshInside.blogspot.com

Oh! i forget to announce the Giveaway to Celebrate the Completion of 100th Post of kamlesh Inside. In my Next post i will be giving gifts(worth $1230) to my readers...

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Do you have any suggestions or queries ?? then please comment !!

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