5 Best Free iPhone And iPad Apps of the Week

Monday, August 8, 2011 |

Here, we are sharing Free iPhone And iPad Apps of the Week that you must know! These are free Apps,very useful & Simple to use.

Best 5 Free Apps for iPhone And iPad

1. Skype for iPad Application

we really dont know why it took so long to launch Skype for iPad App?
However,Skype for iPad is finally launched.Now you can makes calls & video chat with your friends,family members,.. anyone straight from your iPad (audio only) and iPad 2 (audio and video).There is a completely brand new interface with instant messaging, buddy lists, video chat features, and lots more. It's a must download app..!!

Its a free App so download it now.

2. eBay Instant Sale App

If you are a lazy guy or gal, or you are so busy that you don't have the time to set up an eBay account and auction of your old electronics, eBay Instant Sale can help you out. Plug in what you want to sell, and eBay will make an offer for it right then and there, based on the device's condition and worth on the market.

Its a free App so download it !

3. Rdio new iPad application

Rdio is one of our favorite music subscription and streaming services, and now it has a great iPad app to go along with the iPhone app. Rdio's iPad app is a fully fledged iPod app replacement, featuring access to over ten million songs, artist radio, a social feed of what your friends are listening to, and more.

It is a priceless App so Download it now!

4. GLMPS Application

GLMPS is a fun new Instagram-like sharing app.It is very easy & simple to use.. simply open up GLMPS, take a picture, and then the app grabs the previous 5 seconds of video before the picture was taken. In this way, you not only get the picture, but you get the context and sounds of the scene it was taken in.

 It is free of cost App so download it & enjoy! :)

5. Editions a new news application for iPad

This Edition App is a must for all those AOL Network fans as Editions pulls content from the entire AOL blog network, and personalizes it to create a news feed just for you. Instead of a conventional vertically oriented news feed, however, Editions turns your news feed into a magazine like Flipboard does. 

 So there is no need to tell you that this is a free App just check it out! Download

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