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Saturday, August 6, 2011 |

This Video is made by Microsoft to empower their product Office 365. In this Hilarious video The Gmail Man (basically a Google Postman) is a nosy mailman that reads your email in order to send you advertising. And that's  true also as Google reads every single email message that passes through Gmail and then generates context-sensitive ads that appear in the Gmail web client. This policy is at best suspicious, the Microsoft video implies (with great humor).

There is a lovely song in this video describing " The GmailMan - " He's everywhere and nowhere at the same time,He peeks at every subject in un-real time. Probing every sentence and all your punctuation. Got his nose in every colon and every situation. He's the Gmail Man!"

 However,ZD's Mary Jo Foley said that-
"Gmail Man" wasn't made for the public. It's an internal Microsoft video that aired during the Microsoft Global Exchange sales conference a week earlier. And while some may have trouble believing this wasn't leaked purposefully, Microsoft actually required the 12,000 Microsoft employees who attended the show to maintain strict silence over Twitter and other online routes. And until this video leaked, they did so about all the content discussed at the conference.

A little girl asks Gmail Man- "Hey mailman! Are you looking at our mail?"  
The GmailMan- "No, heh heh heh," he answers. "I'm looking at everyone's mail." 

Gmail’s business is about learning who you are, who you correspond with, what you talk about, where you hang out and more in order to sell you to advertisers. Microsoft is in the business of selling you access to their precious golden bits and heavenly bandwidth, tighten your data to them so you will keep paying them because you’ll never be able to take them and leave. Two equally flawed business models.

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