How To Get Old Facebook Look

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 |

How to get back to the Old Facebook Version From New Facebook Version.

Today,when i logged in to Facebook, i was highly surprised ! Facebook new Theme/Look is amazing...its pretty cool. Now again we got " Recent Activity Tab "on Sidebar but this time with Sliding Feature, A Suggestion tab named as " People To Subscribe To". Highly changed features are Recent Stories, From Earlier Stories, Size of Photos/Pictures Uploaded( it is much bigger & better ) .There is also change in limit of size of Video Uploading.

However, Some people does not like the New Facebook Look, not even me like the Facebook Home Page, may be it will take time to adopt it!. Then also who want to switch back to the Old Facebook Look or Theme , i have a simple trick for them.

How To Get Old Facebook Look / Theme

1. Go to the Facebook Account Setting.

2. Now, go to the last option i.e. Language. Click on Edit.

3. Change Language from English(US) to English(UK). Click on Save Changes.

All done! Congratulation you are Back to the Old Facebook Look/version/theme.. :) Enjoy!!

Note:- Users can also Change Language from English(US) to Hindi,Italiano & other regional languages to get old facebook look back.

Those Who Want to see New Facebook look & Features 2011 can Change Language from English(UK) to English (US).

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